Seaton to Sidmouth

26/5/12 A bus straight to our starting point won't happen very often. I doubt there will be a closer pub to the arrival point either.

The Vault Bar has one door on the front and one next to the bus stop. Two pints of Potholer (4.3%), the Spitfire was off, for £5.60 and game of pool were our pleasant starters for the day.

A few years ago, we had walked to Beer along the rocks. Being more sensible now, we stuck to path and soon descended for our second of the day.

The Anchor Inn nestles just above the beach. It was busy and the landlord hadn't enough time to change a barrel of his own beer. So we had two pints of Otter Bitter (3.6%) for £6.60.

Then it was onwards and upwards towards Branscombe. This section of the path hadn't been particularly mentioned as picturesque, but I was impressed.

The geological changes were obvious and made for an interesting backdrop. The undercliff section was more spectacular than the previous, more renown section.

We were hungry as we approached Branscombe. The cafe offered a relatively small pasty to take away for £3.95. I managed to resist that, but Sid couldn't. Then it was up and down a few times, including a small stretch actually on a beach. The last climb was particularly steep steps, but from there it was a gentle descent  to the footbridge over the Sid and along the front.

Dukes is set back from the front, but has a beer garden that opens onto it. We sat inside and had a Bays Springtime (4.5%) and Doom Bar (4%) for £6.70. Seemed more like a bar than a pub.

The Marine is a sports pub. There were various sports on different screens making it difficult to stand anywhere without blocking someone's view, so we played pool. We had a Break Water (4.6%) and Branoc (3.8%) for £6.60. The photo was taken as an after-thought as we hurried for the bus to Honiton after a hot day's walking.

Lyme Regis to Seaton

19/5/12 We started the day at the White Hart in Colyford waiting for the X53 connection to Lyme. The Wheelwright were cleaning their pipes. Once in Lyme we grabbed a sandwich and started along the modernised Marine Parade towards the Cobb. First pub was the Royal Standard.

Two more pints of Palmers Copper and Best for £6.70. It was a sunny day, so people were outside and the staff seemed happy. We had a game of pool. Just a few yard away is the Harbour Inn.

It's not as bad as it looks. For some reason, the Path goes along a back street here rather than the front. A pint of Tribute (4.2%) and Otter Ale (4.5%) for £6.60. Stay indoors and you're allowed proper glasses. Just a few more yards and we're at the Cobb Arms.

Again, there were more people out than in. Another game of pool to go with our Copper and Best again for £6.70, but it did feel a bit more like a pub.

Then the walking bit. We had been waiting for some reasonable weather as this 'undercliff' stretch is supposed to be a bit muddy, slippy etc. We found it ok. There were signs warning of the nature of the walk and a duration of three to four hours. There are occasional glimpses of both the sea and the cliff, but most of the route is through trees.

We emerged at the other end some two and a half hours later despite stopping four times for Sid to do some watering. Descending through an empty golf course, we crossed the river Axe and then along the front at Seaton.

Just time for one in the Hook and Parrot before the last bus home. A Green King IPA (3.6%) and Doom Bar for £5.60. It seemed a bit quiet, but I guess it was Saturday tea time.

Seatown to Lyme Regis

21/04/12 A wet April. I checked the forecast just in case and it looked like we might get away with. A late call to Sid and we went for it. We parked in Chideock again and could here the thunder moving away in the distance as we walked along the lane towards Seatown and then up the signposted diversion towards Golden Cap.

Portland Bill had been in our sights for a long time and Golden Cap had been the next target. This looking back towards Chesil Beach

and this looking forward to Charmouth, Lyme Regis and Devon.

Approaching Charmouth, there were notices about another diversion. We came across the landslip, but carried on as the alternative was not obvious. We knew that there was a major diversion inland between Charmouth and Lyme Regis, but had hoped the beach might have been an alternative. It didn't look like it, so inland we went passing the A35 roundabout at the entrance to Charmouth for the second out of four times that day. No pub on the path yet. We passed through the golf course and then descended into Lyme Regis.

As we approached the sea front we found our first ale houses of the day.

The Pilot Boat was more of an eating place. Palmers Copper Ale (3.7%) and 200 (5%) for £6.75. Sid has had enough Palmers now. The Rock Point Inn had a few more drinkers in it. The only Real option was two pints of Sharps Spring Cask Pilsner (4.2%) for £6.30, which were quite refreshing.

Then it was time for the X53 back to Chideock and the short journey home.