Wembury to Cattedown

18/9/12 We wanted to fit some more walks in while the going was still good and so we did this one on a Tuesday. Parking the car in Plymstock, it was the bus that took us to Wembury. It was about one and a half miles down the hill to the ferry crossing for the start of the walk.

Then we retraced the last bit and started back down the Yealm. Wembury beach was busy with schoolchildren, but we weren't tempted by the 117 mile shortcut to Lynmouth.

Heybrook Bay was next where we could see the pub, but it wasn't on the path. A few naval ships started to appear and we had this view of Plymouth breakwater which is different to the usual aspect from the Hoe.

That view was from the pleasant beach at Bovisand. Every corner we went around, we could see a little more of Plymouth until eventually we reached Mount Batten.

Then we turned up the river Plym and pass various boatyards, marinas and bars/restaurants. On entering Turnchapel we spotted a notice telling us of a diversion of the footpath. This probably by-passed two pubs, but rejoined at the Royal Oak.

It was unsurprisingly quiet for a Tuesday afternoon in September, but at least it was open. In fact it was quite cheery and we had two pleasant 6X (4.3%) for £6.20. Then it was round the sewage works and down to Hooe Lake.

From here it was on through Radford to Oreston where the Kings Arms was shut. So it was on past some more light industrial places to Laira Bridge where the Morley Arms was also shut. So we decided to walk on a bit further around some of the glamorous light industrial units towards Cattedown wharf. By then we thought that the pubs should be opening and so we returned to Laira Bridge. The Morley Arms had just opened.

We had a Brains Morgans Organ (4%) and Morlands Original (4%) for £6.60. Again two nice pints in a distinctive pub. The landlord was unhappy with the council's roadworks and let us know. Then it was back to the Kings Arms.

Another nice pub in a nice location, even if it had been modernised. A pint of Tribute PA (4.2%) and Butcombe (4%) for £6.20 later it was time to head home. As it happens, it was just a mile or so up Plymstock Road to the car.

Mothecombe to Noss Mayo

15/9/12 Tuesdays are the only day to bus this one, so it was on the bikes for us. We parked in Noss Mayo and then cycled towards the Erme. No pubs were passed and so a detour to do both of them in Holbeton before parking the bikes and having pasties in Mothecome tea room. Then the walk down to the crossing before starting the walk.

Mothecombe beach was a pleasant spot in the sunshine. Then it was on through a few fields
and up and down a few hills for the first half of the walk. After Stoke Beach, the path became a track and we made much quicker time. Soon, we rounded the headland and started up the Yealm estuary.

It was the usual estuary walk of a gradual descent through woods to a village ferry crossing. The next photo was taken from the small ferry jetty.

We then kept walking to the Ship Inn in Noss Mayo before retrieving the bikes from the now closed tea room.

Bigbury to the Erme

8/9/12 We parked in Kingston and cycled to Mount Folly Farm via the pub in Bigbury. We then had to walk down to the ferry point.

That is on the left of the picture. It also shows Bantham and the beaches. We then retraced our steps before descending towards Burgh Island and Bigbury-on- Sea. The tide was nearly out and the beach was busy. We continued to Challaborough and came across this sort of pub.


In the Waterfront we had two Betty Stoggs (4%) for £6.40. It was more like a bar. We bought some Dorset pasties nearby. We had few ups and downs after this,
but it was a relatively short walk before we rounded the corner into the Erme estuary. The tide was out and so when we arrived at Wonwell beach, we decided to wade across.
This was on the way back.

By the time our feet were dry, we were halfway up the hill to Kingston. The pub was shut and so we went to the Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island for a pint.

Salcombe to Bantham

1/9/12 Parked in Salcombe park and ride and walked to town. The first pub wasn't difficult to spot. The Ferry Inn had Copper Ale (3.7%) and Best IPA (4.2%) for £6.90. There are various levels to the pub, but we stayed outside overlooking the water. Salcombe is an expensive area. I took the photo in a hurry because Sid was posing.

The path goes past North and South Sands as it heads towards Bolt Head. Before that we passed Sharp Tor
to the sound of a yacht hitting rocks below as it returned from Starehole Bay. It was able to continue to Salcombe. The path was quite busy, but the going wasn't too bad and Soar Mill Cove looked a very nice remote beach. Eventually we reached Bolt Tail and descended to Hope Cove.

The Hope and Anchor Inn is slightly set back from the front. We had a Dartmoor Best (3.5%) and Proper Job (4.5%) for £6.75. It was relatively quiet. We went over the road for a couple of pasties before continuing towards Thurlestone. The path was easier going now. After passing the golf course we headed for Bantham. The beach looked nice there as well and it was busy. We walked through the car park and went as far as the ferry jetty in the village.

Then we walked back to Thurlestone for a pleasant pint before catching the bus to Malborough and then another one to Salcombe.

Torcross to East Portlemouth

25/8/12 A bank holiday Saturday drive to East Portlemouth went well. We parked up the hill in the village and set off across the top of hills on our bikes to Torcross. Another pint in the Start Bay Inn and pasty from the post office set us up for the walk.

Up the hill, we can see back to this. Then it was soon down the other side to Beesands. It looked a nice place and relatively unspoilt. The Cricket Inn though was a bit too snooty with many empty reserved tables. Tribute PA and Otter Ale for £7.60.

The showers came and went and we didn't get too wet as we were sheltered from the westerly wind. We had a look at the remains of Hallsands and then continued on to Start Point. This is another of those conspicuous points that had lurked in the distance for a few walks.

As we skirted round Start Point, the terrain became a lot more rugged and as we rounded another hill, we started to lose our protection from the wind and rain. Lannacombe beach and car park were busy with lots of people in wet suits, but not much surfing going on. The rain kept falling without getting too heavy. We were soaked, but I thought that this was one of the most scenic stretches that we've done. We passed Prawle Point  and it was still wet and rugged, but parts of Salcombe were starting to appear.

Eventually we reached the beaches of East Portlemouth and the rain stopped. We went down to the ferry jetty and then up the long flight of steps to the village. We picked the bikes up and stopped for an expensive pint at California Cross on the way home as we tried to dry out.

Dartmouth to Torcross

22/8/12 A drive to the park and ride in Dartmouth seemed the easiest route onto this walk. After a three bus wait we finally arrived on the Dart's quayside. We weren't sure which ferry the official Coast Path route used, so we started from the passenger ferry and walked downstream. The path signs started from the lower car ferry.

We walked in Bayards Cove Inn before realising that it isn't a pub. The Dartmouth Arms is next door.

Not pretty from the outside, but quaint enough inside. Sid pointed out that I was the youngest person there.

A short walk along the riverside and the path appeared to enter this old building.

I couldn't spot an exit and so we retraced our steps and took an uphill path. The next coast path sign directed us back here through the right hand arch. The path then continued up and down a few times, pass the castle, up and down a few more times, out of the estuary and eventually inland.

We wandered along some country lanes and round the back streets of Stoke Fleming before arriving at the Green Dragon.

We went for a Liberation Ale (4%) and Seafarers Ale (3.6%) for £6.40. The Liberation Ale was returned though as Sid was concerned by its cloudiness and it was happily exchanged for another Seafarers. We had come from the road opposite and progressed straight across towards Blackpool Sands.

The hills were quite steep around here and eventually we walked along the main road in Strete. Our timing was wrong here as the Kings Arms was due to reopen a couple of days later. The path eventually left the main road and we descended onto Slapton Sands. The path alternates between the beach and the Ley before arriving in Torcross.

 In the Start Bay Inn we went for a Bass (4.4%) and Tribute PA (4.2%) for £6.30. It's not too posh and so alright. We then had time for a couple of nice pasties from the post office before catching the bus back to Dartmouth.