Combwich to Dunball

13/6/15 Bused via Bridgwater where the pubs were busy for 10:30 in the morning. We arrived in Combwich, skirted around the EDF wharf before coming out on the river bank. There had been some rain the previous day and the grass was still wet. The grass along the man-made river bank had been cut in places, but not along the footpath itself. So we spent most of the time deciding whether to walk the flat, overgrown, wet bit in the middle or the drier bits along the side. There are not many River Parrett Trail signs and even fewer walkers.

Above is an old bench to sit on and look at the mud. We walk in most directions at some time and resist the temptation to cut corners as the river winds its way from the levels towards the sea. We cross several clyces (sluices) and can't fail to notice that the tide is still out.

Eventually we do meet some other people and come across signs of civilisation, like the sewage works. The path starts to dry out. We clamber up onto the first road bridge over the Parrett in Bridgwater and then down the other side to return seaward. The path is now behind some light industrial units. It is overgrown and still wet on this side. After a while, it continues behind some houses and the grass had been cut. Next we arrive at a modern business park. There is a Harvester that we seek for refreshment. We have to settle for expensive, fizzy cider. The path has a gravel surface now as we wind our way out of Bridgwater towards Dunball wharf.

The path comes out alongside a busy dual carriageway. Opposite the entrance to the wharf is Marston's Admirals Table.

We have two pints of Pedigree (4.5%) for £6.60. Followed by two more as waited for the bus back to Bridgwater.

Hinkley Point to Combwich

16/5/15 Early bus to Stogursey meant a bit of trek to rejoin the path on the Hinkley Point diversion. I didn't want to just retrace our steps and so tried a different route. Not all of it was easy going.

So we were already a little behind schedule as we joined the 'alternative path' and waved at the patrolling security guards. Then we reached the coast and started to leave the power station behind.

The path is flat and on a good surface here. The flat scenery makes it difficult to judge distances. We head inland along some old sea defences for a bit and then emerge near what I think is the end/start of the West Somerset Coast Path. We didn't see any signs telling us that, but we could some new English Coastal Path signs continuing on towards Steart Point. Those signs led us to a field with various bird hides.

We went into some of the hides looking for something that might tell us where the actual Point is, but without success. So we decide to retrace our steps but this time we keep to the new English Coastal Path/Parrett Trail. It seems to be more of a cycle path, without any cycles. It is still flat and now we were walking into a stiff breeze. Eventually we come out on the banks of the Parrett.

Time is against us as we get into Combwich if we are to make the last bus. But there is just enough to get pints of Old Speckled Hen (4.5%) and bargain East Coast IPA for £4.40.

The barmaid said that we were 20 minutes from the bus stop where the bus was due in 20 minutes time. So we hurriedly downed our pints and I forgot to take a photograph. (So thanks to Ruth for the above). We leave the trail somewhere near Combwich Wharf.

Luckily the bus stop was only ten minutes away for fit, young walkers like us.